Does the Success of “Delhi Belly” reflect on the ever evolving Indian Culture?

Recently, I saw the movie. If I am not wrong and if I am able to understand the pysche of all the IITians, and in fact all college going people, we all simply loved the movie, and that is the reason why it was able to make Rs. 26 crore in just 3 days of its release.

Each one of us has used such language at some point of time in our lives, mostly in college, during the so called interaction with our seniors or which some people might prefer to call as ragging.

Never had such gross reality been portrayed on screen. On one hand, if we go by what Aamir Khan has to say about the movie is that he was just bringing the reality on the celluloid. On the other hand we have our Activist wing which is questioning the loss of morality and decency caused by such vulgour act of portraying.

The question that stares us in our faces is whether India should evolve with time (if I can at all take the liberty of calling it an evolution) or should India preserve its dark truth (the activist prefer to term it in this manner) in some place, never to be seen and never to be openly accepted by our society?


4 thoughts on “Does the Success of “Delhi Belly” reflect on the ever evolving Indian Culture?

  1. I think we need to go beyond the use of vulgar /abusive language and extend it to issues of alcoholism, smoking and sex, live in…so on and so forth; discussion of which is considered a taboo in our so called Indian Society.
    Issues of morality and immorality are very relative!! What may be immoral for one, may be perfectly fine with another.
    Its high time, we come out of our cocoon and table such issues. one of the reasons, why things happen in clandestine is because we never end of discussing these issues because our Indian society is still very much under the reigns of conservatism.
    Using foul words at times driven by circumstances does not in any way reflect our character or moral grounds! At times, it is justified and is ok if it doesn’t end up becoming a habit.
    The problem with our Indian society is that we are very resistant to anything that challenges our norms and rules of human character and dignity. Its high time , we overcome that.

  2. Hey Kush i haven’t seen the movie,..but on the part of your staring question…as on my view i would like 2 say India …a country which holds the tag as “Unity in Diversity” and of course it is…India is evolving with time and at some places, although very few, India has evolved and is running with time but at the same time on another part of India it will always maintain and preserve it’s dark truth…..what all i meant to say is that there will be diversity at every distance of 5 km….no matters how high it stands on the development or developed scale….

  3. As we all might have noticed, society is a dynamic concept and is evolving every moment. What is being considered “ok” today was not considered ok, say 10 years back. For instance, today we are able to view kissing scenes in movies, 20 years back, the kissing scenes were replicated by showing two flowers coming close to one another.

    It is perfectly alright, if society is changing and imbibing new things, as long as the basic framework of the society is not altered. Some might argue that the basic framework was decided by our Constitution which has given us some fundamental rights such as freedom of speech etc. But there too our forefathers had placed certain restrictions on the same.

    Coming to the point where things considered taboo are not being openly discussed in the society, I am totally int tune with Reema’s view of bringing these issues out into the open in order to generate awareness and find a lasting solution to the problems like alcoholism, smoking etc.

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