Rahul Gandhi’s Padyatra: A Political Stunt?

Anyone who has ever been fortunate enough to meet Rahul Gandhi or listen to him would agree that he is by far the most dashing of politicians that we have in our country as of today. It is not often that girls go gaga over a politician for his looks.

Recently, we saw a spate of land acquisitions that followed after the C.M. of U.P. issued an emergency provision for the purpose of acquiring land from the farmers. Several parties protested the act. Rahul Gandhi went a step further by going on a padyatra. The official statement behind going on such a travail is to create an awareness among the farmers and the people in general about the atrocities being committed by the U.P. government.

But some are suspecting the timing of the very act. With the U.P. elections scheduled to take place next year, it might well be seen as an opportune moment for the Congress to start a revolution against the U.P. government. Whether it be a political stunt or not, as long as it is helping improve the conditions of the farmers in U.P., it will be taken in good regard. This doesn’t mean that the Congress will come out with a clean image after such an initiative as the Congress as a whole has much to answer seeing the plethora of controversies (e.g. 2G Scam etc.) surfacing at the National Level.

Source for Image: http://superblog.crazyengineers.com/2011/07/07/the-rahul-gandhi-show/


5 thoughts on “Rahul Gandhi’s Padyatra: A Political Stunt?

  1. In my opinion it’s a political stunt as gov’s dealing with Anna Hazare and RamDev Baba has damaged the gov’s image. Apart from anna and baba, various scams, price hikes etc. have already done it’s round of damages to UPA gov.

  2. Yes, that can be one of the motives on part of the Congress government. Another that seems aparent is that the elections in UP are scheduled to be held next year, so it can be a move to throttle the departure of the Mayawati government. In any case, the farmers or the downtrodden are always made a scapegoat.

  3. On Rahul Gandhi, I have never seen such a slow learner. He has been around for many years in publiic life, but has not made any significant contribution. Not heard of any noteworthy contribution in parliament either. It is completely different matter that he may be PM in waiting but he does not seem to mature enough as yet. Sandeep

  4. This is an interesting point that Mr. Sandeep has brought out here, which reflects on the legacy mentality that has been a part of Indian politics since times immemorial. This leads to another question whether Rahul Gandhi has matured enough to lead our Nation?

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