Love Nature: Spend sometime with Her

Many of us youngsters don’t really get a chance to see the first rays of the sun, mostly because of the kind of routine that we are used to pursuing in our colleges. In some cases, yes, we get a chance to behold the amazing phenomenon and that is when we are on nite-outs.

Luckily, I got up early and went for a morning walk today. There was a sense of calm that prevailed with only a few old/middle age couples engaged in their walking activity and a few paperwalas and dhoodwaalas doing what they are supposed to be doing.

On returning, I thought of spending some time in the garden. I had never realized how spending some time close to nature could gear one up for the entire day. It certainly gave me a positive outlook and it energised me for the day ahead.

Doctors say that spending sometime with the nature has a healing affect. I am no doctor to comment on the same but one thing is for sure, it does brighten up one’s life in some way or the other. 

For those who have had an opportunity to do such kind of activities, have you experienced the same kind of positivity? 



1 thought on “Love Nature: Spend sometime with Her

  1. Well..i am not an early riser..but whatever chances i have had of seeing the sunrise, it really inspires and induces positivity.It gives a serene starting to the day,it gives a soft smile to your face.Though i have tried many a times my bed suddenly seems cosier when i try to get up early;)..but for those who have made it a routine Hats off to them…and continue with the healthy habit and even inspire others around you.As for me..”try and try until you succeed..”..:)

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