Girlfriend : A boon or bane? :-)

For every guy who has experienced the joy/pain of being in a relationship would have surely asked the same at some point or the other during the tenure.

Starting from the first call in the morning to the last call in the evening, guys always have to be on their toes. They are expected not to get tired listening to the long stories that a girlfriend must get out of her system. They are expected to say “I love you” etc etc atleast 1000 times in a day. And if this was not enough, they have to answer every “silly” question that seems to marr a gf’s mind.

But are we, as guys complaning? Well, on second thoughts, not so much. In spite of all the “allegations” that guys like putting on their gfs, they know somehwere down in the valley of their hearts, that it is the gfs who make their lives go on a roller coaster ride which they seem to enjoy the most, of all good things in their lives 🙂

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