13th July: Mumbai Terrorised

13th July, 2011, yet another date that would be remembered as: when terrorists created havoc in our very own city of Mumbai. Yet another day when our Intelligence agencies and police forces failed to live up to the expectations for which they were recruited into the services, yet another day when politicians have nothing to comment but lament on the tragedy that ensued, yet another day when hapless victims and their families would live on to die another day. 

Can we do nothing to prevent these terror acts from happening? Is our internal security system not capable of protecting its citizens? Will we all have to live in fear that such an attack might happen in our neighbourhood? Will we all have to wait for the day when we ourselves would become victims?

These questions need to be answered by the authorities who claim that they have everything under control, authorities who give excuses citing the vastness and diversity of our land. More than answering, the best they can do for the people is to fulfil their promises for which they were elected and to prevent such incidents from occuring in the future.

Source for Image: http://www.topnews.in/crucial-role-played-twitter-and-web-mumbai-terror-attacks-aftermath-294660


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