Effects of Technology Revolution on Memory

The first thought that comes in the mind after reading such a caption is :”No, you are kidding! Ya? Is it possible….How?” The answer to this lies in  a recent research conducted in Columbia University (Department of Psychology).

According to the findings of the research, the people are remembering a lot lesser things than they used to before things like Google etc. had evolved. Now, everytime one has to search for something, he/she just have to go to Google or other such search engines available on the net (which suddenly reminds me of the immense importance that Google has acquired for itself). So, instead of remembering a thing that one has/had read, he/she just prefers to let it disintegrate from the memory, with the hope that Google will have it for them as and when required.

But that brings us to the question whether we really need to know and cram up things and the huge amount of information that is thrown at us from every nook and corner of our World, just because we may have to reproduce the same in some test/exam?

While one ponders over the last question, and if indeed the research’s findings are true, then we sure need to be a little concerned about the time when we may forget to find our clothes and then go on to Google or some other hep search engine of the era, to see as to where we can find our clothes in order to step out of our houses.

Source for Image: http://mintywhite.com/more/software-more/virtual-memory-paging-file-explained/


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