Somehow Guys like “Girls”!

Suddenly, on reading one of the comments on Facebook,  I realized that we guys have one thing in common. We like, naaaa, we love talking about girls and the various curves therein. As if everything revolves around them.

Everytime we are unhappy about something, we discuss girls. Everytime we wanna have some fun we go to girls. For those who are comprehending the word “fun” desperate point of view, I would right to clarify, that fun can be more than just that at the same time complying with the former comprehension of the term 😉 . Everytime we wanna see some nice faces, we log on to Facebook/Orkut,  and try to get a glimpse of the perfect face/shape. Everytime, our heart goes gaga over a message/e-mail/phone call from none other but girls.

If this was not enough, everytime we are trying to study at the 11th hour, we are reminded of none other but girls. Don’t you think, we give lot of importance to girls and more gilrs? I believer we were destined to do so, after all Nature has her own funny ways of constructing things.

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