Watch ZNMD becoz this movie will not come Dobara

What a treat indeed! How beautifully the meaning of life has been explored in this movie, one can only realise once he/she has watched it. Adorable performances from all the characters with Farhan Akhtar stealing the limelight in my opinion, coupled with commendable performances from Hrithik Roshan and Abhay Deol

The punchlines are super and for a change Katrina Kaif, apart from her beauty has seemed to blend perfectly with the role that she has been offered, doing full justice to the same.

The idea is simple and unique but the way it has been brought on screen is extraordinary. Zoya Akhtar and the rest seems to have understood what a youngster would want to see in a movie. She takes one through on a dream journey of 21 days which every bachelor would love to have gone through. For those who have been to Europe or Spain will get an opportunity to recall their experiences when they were there and would be able to relate well with the movie.

All in all, a must watch movie not only because of the caste and crew but also because it teaches you something about life.

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