Dhoni Vs Bhajji

How commercialized the sport has become is quite evident from the recent controversy between the brand ambassadors of the prime competing Whisky brands McDowell and Royal Stag.

In one of the advertisements promoting their brand, McDowell, the UB group under the Mallyas, have ridiculed Bhajji, who in another advertisement is seen to promote Royal Stag in similar situation which can well be inferred from the ads.

Can such a controversy which involves huge amounts of money effect the player’s psychology as well on the field? If it does then is over commercialization, where one player doesnt even think about ridiculing another, when it comes to making money, healthy for a team and for cricket as a whole?

Source for Image: http://www.topnews.in/dhoni-harbhajan-booked-disrespecting-padma-honour-2152487


4 thoughts on “Dhoni Vs Bhajji

  1. atleast now dhoni have a reason (non-cricketing) to keep bhajji out of the team after 1-2 bad performance and hope that bhajji will return as a better bowler than.. He seriously need some fresh thoughts on his bowling.

  2. That’s true, of late Bhajji has not been performing well at all or upto the standards that he set during the first part of his career, though in the last series against West Indies, he performed decently well.

    But yes, he needs to buckle up in order to retain his spot in the team now. The England series can be of some consequence to him.

  3. It is interesting that you raise this question of over commercialization! The fact remains, how does one define over commercialization?
    On one hand there is Sachin Tendulkar who refused to sign a very lucrative deal with a liquor brand on moral grounds and on the other there are players like Bhajji promoting liquor. Is promotion of stuff like liquor by our cricketing icons not over commercialization? I mean why they should influence their fans onto such products? Today there is no dearth of products to endorse.
    So one can look at this issue from the perspective of a marketing manager at UB or from a cricket icon’s (endorser) perspective!
    As far this controversy is concerned, I don’t think that there should be any reason for relations between Bhajji and Dhoni to turn sour. After all, Dhoni can just be ignorant of the fact and avoid making his personal relations go for a toss!

  4. That’s a very good point that Ravi has brought forward. Shouldn’t the cricketers be more responsible when it comes to endorsing brands? A living example being Sachin Tendulkar. I too believe that Dhoni and Bhajji, having played for so long together, shouldn’t really get affected by the hooplah being created because of the controversy and should stick to what they are best at doing. As far as their personal relationship is concerned, I think they are mature individuals and should be able to take care of the same.

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