Lokpal Hooplah

The date, 16th of August is soon approaching and it will arrive faster than expected. What an appropriate date, Anna Hazare has chosen to launch the revolution against corruption! The governement on her part has warned Anna and of anyone who is planning to support him with the consequences sighting the example of what happened to Baba Ramdev.

The issue is taking an ugly shape: Anna and the Citizens of India Vs the Government. The government on her part has been utterly irresponsible in giving such warnings. Yes, they have tried to sort out the matter by forming a joint committee, but that is no excuse of giving such statements/warnings out in the public, especially when so much is at stake and the situation in the country really demands some proactive action on part of the government.

One of the arguments put forth by the better half (government) is that the institutions that can deal with corruption are already in place then why do we need a super regulator? It would have been perfectly alright if such institutions were doing their job well. But the problem is that these institutions have failed miserably, and the evidence for this can be well found in the spate of controversies that have come out in the public starting from 2G Spectrum to what not.

What needs to be done is to reach a consensus with regards to the Lokpal Bill that the government intends to introduce in the parliament in the monsoon session. The matters of contention could well be voted upon with a referendum as suggested by the civil society group, instead of issuing irresponsible and unwanted warnings about the outcome of an act proposed by Anna Hazare.

Source for Image: http://annajihazare.blogspot.com/


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