Sachin Tendulkar

The name in itself says it all. The name is synonymous with excellence, committment, discipline, motivation, achievement, humbleness, honesty, team-spirit etc.etc.etc. I am running out of words here to describe the name and pardon me if I have forgotten few.

Though nothing needs to be said on the great man, for articles on him cannot even come close to what this great man has accomplished in his life, I am writing this article to motivate those 0.0001% guys in our country who are still upset with him for something or the other.

For those who believe that Sachin Tendulkar is a selfish player should not forget that even in his selfishness lies the good of our team. After all, if we look at the records, everytime he scores a 100, the probability of the team winning the game increases. It is quite evident from the stats about the no. of matches won by India when he was rewarded with a Man of the Match award. If this selfishness can do such great things for India, I would want him to be utterly selfish in his conduct.

So, it’s an earnest request to all those 0.0001% to atleast give some credit to the great man for what he has achieved over time and for what he has been able to do for Team India during this period.

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2 thoughts on “Sachin Tendulkar

  1. Well…sometime back on the night we were celebrating the world cup win, a campaign calling for ‘Bharat Ratna to Sachin Tendulkar’ was at the peak. While reading comments on a news article covering this I came across a comment which made me restless. Some Mr. Jayant questioned the euphoria and mania following the win and credibility of the campaign. Normally, I just ignore such comments but it was too much to take. Eventually I ended up posting the following:

    “Dear Mr. Jayant, Statistically ICC WC attracted a viewership of 2.2 billion, and was adjudged as the third largest tournament ever, only after Olympics and FIFA. So your argument that people in the world do not know cricket and it is not big game is ridiculous. Bharat Ratna is awarded to Indians who perform exceptionally well in profession and conduct their life in dignified manner. I do not see a reason why Sachin does not quality for this honor. Similarly all your arguments are screwed up. I really do not have space and time to counter them but I definitely pity you for your irrational thoughts. And how dare you say that “only fools will revel in the glory”. It is a glory that has come after 28 years of hard work, discipline and sacrifices. It deserves all the attention. Since, you want to play judge and jury to sports lovers simply enjoying this moment, let us drag you in the witness box and ask you What have you done in your life Mr. Jayant? Where has your great sense of judgement taken you today? Stay holed up wherever you are and rest in peace. Stop living in the captivity of negativity. If you really want something to change, got out and do your bit and inspire people to follow you. No one cares about your judgement on Sachin and Cricket. They are as irrelevant as Salil Ankola in cricket :P”

    I did not gain anything after this post but I was satisfied in a strange way. You cant comment on Sachin and get off the hook 😛

    The point is he has been more true to cricket than anyone has ever been to anything and if there are people who still doubt that then let them be. They are simply using their Right to freedom of speech and expression. Later that night I used my right to freedom of expression to celebrate the win by posting the following on facebook:

    After 28 years in the wilderness, nation reclaims the crown. This generation will grow old telling stories of how bravely you batted, how fiercely you fielded, how incredibly you bowled and how gracefully you inspired a billion souls ! They will say, We Lived in the time of DHONI, enduring the assault …They will say, We Lived in the time of SACHIN !!!

  2. Wow….i really love the way you have interpreted the win with some lovely words….they sound poetic to me….and shows the passion in you for the game….awesome man 🙂 ….

    regarding the reply that you gave to Mr. Jayant, well there are people like him, and the reason for writing this article was precisely this….to let these people know how great Sachin Tendulkar is and how much he has done for the country and for the game as a whole. So one must only appreciate such a feat, if he/she is not able to do so, then he/she must not demean him by saying bad things about a man who has given his life to the game.

    I feel sorry for the ingratitude shown by his critics. Some people tend to find fault even in God, what to talk of Sachin Tendulkar. So, we should leave such people alone and celebrate the name: SACHIN RAMESH TENDULKAR.

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