Tuktuk on my Window

This is the view of a window right in front of where I sit and work on my laptop. Now you might be wondering as to why I clicked this. Well, here is the creature which keeps moving up and down on the window and makes sounds which are quite hilarious at times.I have named it Tuktuk.

I don’t know what’s Tuktuk’s life is all about, but one thing that I certainly know about Tuktuk is that it works really hard all day. It picks up small pieces of straw and other building materials that it uses to build it’s house right above the window, from the ground and keeps doing this all day along.

I am sure it might be getting tired and frustrated by repeating the same thing again and again, but hats off to Tuktuk’s determination, commitment  and focus, which makes me wonder that there are so many things that we can learn from our surroundings and can amend our ways to make our lives better and enjoyable.

If not anything Tuktuk does help me to get rid of my boredom and gives me company all day long. It indeed inspires me to do more out of my life and helps me build up will power, grit and determination.



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