Hats off to Japan and her Spirit

There are many countries around the World which can learn from this 5 letter word country. It was in 1946 that Japan underwent a change in its administration to adopt a new democratic constitution. In just 2 decades from then, Japan fast-tracked to becoming an exemplary economy. Indeed, not having a military of her own helped to divert funds in other fields which would otherwise have been used up in setting and maintenance of the forces. But having said that, it takes nothing away from the efforts and human and capital investments made in technology and know-how.

If we have a look at the schooling system in Japan, the primary teachers are the highest paid for the shear reason that it is they who are influencing the mental framework of the children in their early ages which are supposed to be the character building years, and thus the teachers need to be of high quality, and in order to attract the best talents they pay extremely well. Coupled with the high quality of teachers, comes the methodology of teaching which encourages group cohesiveness and team-spirit.

If this was not enough, we must all bow down to the spirit that the citizens have shown while fighting the calamity in the form of Tsunami and the fallout of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant thereafter, which is considered to be one of the biggest calamities of all times.Recently a fitting tribute was given to this spirit by the country’s Women Soccer Team by winning the World Cup. In a post match press conference, the captain of the team went on to say that what made her more happy was that she was being able to bring some joy amongst the Japanese who are suffering from the deadly calamity.

Hats off to the spirit of the nation and hats off to her citizens. Long live the spirit!

Source for Images: http://www.lonelyplanet.com/maps/asia/japan/




2 thoughts on “Hats off to Japan and her Spirit

  1. Pre WW1 and WW2 Japan followed an expansionist policy and caused major waves in the sub-continent and in the western world. It was defeated with all the resources exhausted during war but Japan emerged to be a technology and economy power house. It is definitely a source of inspiration for many emerging economies and indisputably the most resilient nation.

  2. That’s very true…and I would like to share one of the incidents when we were in IIT. There was a delegation that came from Japan and I happened to be there in the Civil Engineering department at that moment. It was really inspiring to see them arrive right on time. The kind of discipline and focus towards work was exemplary and indeed a source of inspiration.

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