Publicity Stunt: It is Rakhi Sawant Again!

How could you keep this lady away from news? She indeed has all the tricks up her sleeve to get into the same. This time around she has not even left the “baba” of our times, yes you guessed it right! Baba Ramdev is now on her hit list. She wants to get married to the Yoga guru. Not only Rakhi Sawant but also a number of Bollywood celebrities have resorted to such techniques for promoting their movies etc.

I sometimes wonder, how easy it has become to get into limelight. You just have to pick up a person currently in news and try to attach yourself to the person in some way or the other and bang, the next day you will be on the front page of a number of newspapers. This reminds me of the sorry state of the media.

But can we blame the media for this? After all, this is want people want to read and see, and of course media gives them what they want. So who is to be blamed in this case? Or should at all a question arise about the blame game? After all it is just the reflection of the changing value system in our society.

Sometimes I wonder what is a value system and can it be universalized?

Let us know what you think about whether such stunts are effective in getting into limelight.

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