State of Indian Politics: A Reflection of Our Society?

The current situation in Karnataka demonstrates well the state of Indian politics in contemporary times. In a recent report brought out by the Lokayukta N. Santosh Hegde, there is a clear mention regarding the amount of embezzlement (Rs. 16,000 crores) caused by the chief minister B S Yeddyurappa. In spite of all the evidences, instead of submitting his resignation what Yeddyurappa does is to go to Delhi to seek support at the national level from the BJP think tank demonstrating that he wants to retain his seat at any cost, whether legitimate or not is totally irrelevant.

Sometimes I think, why would a person want to do such a thing? Then it reminds me of the times when we would be ready to pay for passport inquiry in order to get our passports made quickly. Some might argue that there is lot of difference between the two examples that I have cited. Yes, there is a difference but the difference lies in the extent to which we are ready to compromise. I am sure politicians like Yeddyurappa in a country like ours would have to make many compromises before they are able to reach such a position. And once they are there, they would really want to make it count, if not for anything else, then surely for the amount of effort and compromises they had to put in to acquire such a position.

The question is whether we would have done the same and acted in the same manner if we would have been in his position. We might be eager to say: definitely not. But think about it, every person has a good and a bad side. What makes us control our bad side is the value system which might come from the teachings imparted to us during our character building days.

Now a days if we try to analyze our immediate environment, it is the people who are rich and wealthy are given the most importance, no matter whether they have earned it by legitimate means or not. Hence the parameters or the benchmarks which used to exist earlier have changed (which some might want to call evolved) over time. Now whether this is good or bad is contingent upon how one thinks and perceives things.

But one thing is for sure, if we consider things mentioned in our ancient books such as Vedas and Puranas and if we go by the standards set by them, then surely the evolved value system is at fault and needs to be rectified. If this is done and each individual abides by the norms set therein, we hopefully wouldn’t witness incidents such as these and the like in the future.

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