NTRO on Radar: Another Corruption in Sight?

Well ! Well ! Well ! Here we go again. This UPA government is on the hot seat again for an alleged irregularity brought out by two whistle blowers: Mr. Mittal and Mr. Sharma. And this time around, NTRO (National Technical Research Organization), a premier apex scientific organization under the NSA (National Security Advisor) is on the radar.

It has been alleged that UAVs that were bought from Israel have technical flaws. Along with this, it has been brought to the notice that the organization has been buying substandard VSAT systems and  following an improper recruitment mechanism.

Instead of looking into the matter, which was expected from our government, what it did was to question the credibility of the two whistle blowers. This amazes me. On one hand where the government is mulling over bringing into vogue Whistle Blower Protection Act, on the other hand, where they are themselves at the receiving end, they instead do just the opposite by pointing fingers at the whistle blowers.

This forces me to think as to how many more scams will come out during the tenure of this government and will the government be never able to respond in an appropriate manner? Has all morality gone into the drain? Has corruption and abuse of power become so rampant that it will be openly used to cover up the scams?

These questions need to be answered and hopefully not in the affirmative, for if it does then we all are in for a very hard time in the future. Hoping that at least this time around, the government would act rationally and appropriately, I would like to ask you all as to what do you think our UPA government would do?

Source for Image: http://www.aeronautics-sys.com/?CategoryID=269



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