Technology Revolution/Mobile Phones: A havoc in disguise?

The one thing that surely makes us feel that we are living in a techno-driven World is the ubiquity of the mobile phones. It has become such a common thing these days that even a cycle-rickshaw puller possesses it with pride.

One thought that perturbs me though is the disadvantages of having a mobile. Just imagine, you are with your girlfriend and you don’t want to be traced and here you go, your Mom calls you at least 100 times and there goes your romantic mood in the drain.

A recent study also put a lot of question marks on the harmful impacts of using a mobile phone for longer durations. The study went on to caution people about the frequent use as it might be a reason for the increased cancer incidence in today’s World. This makes me wonder whether we are destroying ourselves and our planet by making our lives more materialistic.

There are so many other reasons that you can think of about why one should reduce his/her dependence on technology. Some of us who are die-hard fans of the newer technologies hitting the market every day would want to argue that these things are making our lives comfortable at the end of the day, so why we must give up on these things?

True, and the saying fits in really well with the above observation: “Without pain there is no gain“. I just hope that the pain should not exceed the gain, for if it does then we and our future generations are in for a hard time on Planet Earth.

Do you think technology revolution would result in havoc in the coming years?

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