Impact of US crisis on International Organizations

After the WWII, a spate of international organizations became suddenly extremely important, one amongst which is UN. UN is supposed to provide a platform where the World can come to and discuss various issues at the same time phase out the controversies and differences in opinions and try to reach to a consensus.

Everyone knows about the influence that US has on such organizations, being the superpower that she is as well as the enormous amounts of funds that are being given to such organizations by US. Now with US all set to lose her status of an economic giant, will it hold the same kind of hegemony as before?

The world order is sure going to see a change with China all geared up to take the No.1 position from US. In fact, we can already see China evolving as “the” superpower. Everyone wants to be friends with China and no country wants to annoy “the Dragon“.

It will be interesting to see in the near future as to how power dynamics in international organizations will shape up considering that US would not want to give up its hold on the same and countries like Venezuela and Cuba wanting to get rid of this virus in the form of US hegemony that has plagued the world for so long.

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