Riots in England

The past few days have not been in tune with the law and order situation in the oldest democracy in the World. It all started with shooting of a 29 year old man, Mark Duggan in Tottenham and now it has taken a dramatic shape with youths under the age of 21 being the major contributors in propagating the discontent in different cities including London, who have now organized their criminal activities with the help of social networking sites and mobile phones.

As if the floodgates have been broken and the long subdued discontent with government policies have found an outlet. Some observers believe that it just needed an ignition for the people to come on streets who have been marred for quite sometime with high unemployment rate and the failure on part of the government.

The government feels as if it had been sitting on the vent of an active volcano which has just erupted. The first thing it needs to do is to stop the riots and bring the law and order situation under control. Secondly it needs to review its policies due to which so much of anger and discontent had been built in the minds of the youth. Thirdly, instead of issuing policies which prevent the Asians from visiting their country, and in turn creating a hatred towards the community, the government should try to invest in sectors which create long term employment opportunities for the youth.

It is high time the government react quickly and amend its ways, else the situation might take the shape of what’s happening in the Arab World.

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