Fast and Furious

When I tell you that we will be able to reach a place anywhere on this planet from our current position in just a span of 60 minutes, what would be your first reaction?
“You are kidding, right?”, and that’s is exactly how I reacted when a friend informed me about this new HTV-2 (Hypersonic Technology Vehicle) which is currently in the development stage.

The only three issues that are marring the development are in the fields of Aerodynamics, Aerothermal and guidance, navigation and control. It is hard to imagine how the development of such an aircraft, if these difficulties are overcome, are going to alter the socio-economic scenario in this era of globalization.

Seeing the rate at which technology revolution is moving forward, the day is not far off when we would just need to blink our eye in order to get our work done. Exciting as it might sound, it will certainly come with its own share of pros and cons. Hopefully, the pros are going to rule the cons and would help in making this planet a better place to live in.

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