Racism: Tamilians in the Line of Fire

No matter how much we talk about equity, equal rights, incidents such as the comments given by the US Vice-Consul while delivering a lecture in SRM University makes us think whether racism can ever be eliminated from our minds and thought process.

May be the US Vice-Consul didn’t mean to ridicule the Tamilians, but being a diplomat herself, it was not at all good diplomacy to throw casual racist remarks at the audience, which has the potential of annoying a community and create a controversy. Firstly, it doesn’t reflect well on US with whom India is all set to improve her relations and secondly on the mentality of the individual who’s thoughts still belong to the Black-White controversial era.

It is true that the US consul has expressed regret for the remarks, but the issue that needs to be thought over is whether and if racism will ever be eliminated from the minds of people in our society.

Source for Image: http://library.thinkquest.org/28172/rarise.htm



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