Independence Day Speeches

Come the Independence day, and boom, we are bombarded with a hell lot of speeches, well written and politically correct, ranging from the Prime Minister to the Chief Ministers with the President and the Speaker not lagging behind in projecting their statuses to the citizens. What follows is an utter misuse of political power and all the promises made in the speeches go into the drain.

On the part of citizens, on every I-Day, we sing a hell lot of patriotic songs and feel pride in being Indians, and the very next day, we are out there in the rat race trying to profit from every opportunity, whether legitimate or illegitimate is never our concern.

With the Hooplah over Lokpal Bill all set to reach its peak tomorrow, idealistically speaking, we must realize that if every man was to correct his/her way of working in a society, things would automatically improve. So, instead of blaming others, we must try to reform ourselves and I can assure you, you are surely going to see a change.

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