Discrimination in Schools

It was heard of during the British days that students in schools were discriminated on the basis of their economic statuses explicitly. The implicit discrimination continued to exist even after the independence though.

But here is a case where a school in New Delhi by the name of St. Andrews Scots Senior Secondary School forces the students from economically weaker backgrounds, admitted under the 10% quota regime, to wear tags to demonstrate that they have been admitted as such. There might be compelling reasons for the management of the school to have introduced such a derogatory policy.

The other day we were complaining about a US Vice-Consul abusing the Tamilians, and we got really annoyed at the statement made. Now, what should be done? Here is a case in our own backyard, where student rights are openly violated and if this was not enough they are made to be discriminated.

The government, instead of putting Anna Hazare behind the bars, should make strong note of it and a severe action should be taken against the culprits here.

Source for Image: http://newton007.com/article/school/


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