UPA government: Digging Deep

The Anna Hooplah doesn’t seem to die down much to the displeasure of the UPA government. The act of putting Anna behind the bars seem to have created more controversy and seems to have established the government’s reputation as a high-handed government which would do whatever it wishes like even distorting laws to their own convenience.

The government seems to be questioning the methodology used by Anna in order to get his own terms and conditions accepted regarding the Lokpal Bill. Well, certainly the methodology is creating a stir in our nation and its hard to predict whether such a stir would remain peaceful. But instead of focusing at the issue at hand, which is to create a Lokpal Bill which is most appropriate, the government seems to be deviating from the crux of the matter.

The government seems to be losing their support amongst the citizens and the day is not so far when whole of India will witness a throwaway of this UPA government, if it doesn’t resort to some emergency face-saving measures.

Source for Image: http://in.reuters.com/article/2011/08/16/idINIndia-58802720110816


4 thoughts on “UPA government: Digging Deep

  1. This is a very sad situation. Government has lot to answer
    1) Making of fake CD’s against Mr Shanti Bhusan
    2) Lathi charge on sleeping people
    3) Arrest of Anna and not giving him place to for protest
    4) Why does Rahul gandhi and Sonia Gandhi come in election time only to ask for votes.
    5) Why is government against bringing PM under lokpal scanner. We have already seen what lok ayukta can do in Karnataka.

    A common reason or explanation for inflation that has been given by government is growth, but i don’t think so. With growth, income should also increase on an average, but instead its increasing poverty only. Income might have increased due to a certain section doing well not complete India. Its rightly due to corruption only. Government want to bring down the LOP level from 20 to 12 RS :O ?????

    Just a small estimate 1 lac crore = 3 billion gas cylinders can be given freely …
    same can go in increasing salary of police, army and government employees. If pay is not sufficient, we will encourage to increase corruption. And we have multi lac crores of black money outside.

  2. That’s true that the government has to answer a lot. The irony is that people are not left with many options if they vote out a government. For instance, Congress has had a history of having high inflation during their regime, yet the people had to vote them in as the NDA was not faring well, and then again comes Congress with its inflation vows. The need of the hour is a political party which is over and above the petty politics and which is actually thinking about the welfare of the nation. It is people like Anna Hazare who should be voted in to hold significant posts and we must learn to exercise our rights in an appropriate manner.

  3. The Govt. should thank Sh. Anna Ji, today, because of him, Govt. could get chance to restore his credibility in masses. It is upto Govt.if It has learnt a lesson or not.If, Still, the Govt. adopt dilly dallying attitude, the awakened public will send it into the be wilderness. It will be Historic Moment of New Change for India, the day when this Bill is passed by the Parliament and Implemented. In number of ways, Anna Ji created History,everybody should salute him.

  4. Ya, indeed Anna Hazare was able to mobilize the middle urban class and to some extent the lower class as well and was able to achieve a feat unprecedented in recent history and hats off to him, though I still believe that such blackmailing could become a tool in the hands of those who are ready to exploit every situation to their benefit on every presented opportunity, so one must put some restraint on such kind of revolutionary tactics.

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