Farewell: Narayana Murthy

The man who made a moderate beginning some 30 years back didn’t know that he would make it so big. He had no idea at that time that he was going to change the IT scenario in the country, but one thing that he surely had was a revolutionary idea, the idea of outsourcing in which a company in US could off shore work in a company in India which was prepared to work overnight.

That ways, he provided the Americans with an opportunity to conduct business 24 by 7 and this indeed brought a revolution in the mindset of the companies, who were ever on a look out to make more money. 

What Narayana Murthy gives to a billion people in India is a hope that if one works hard and is ready to give his/her best to an idea that he/she has confidence in then anything is possible. He represents the face of Young India which is ready to take risks and go on an entrepreneurial path.

As he steps down from the helm of Infosys, we all take a bow to the man who indeed changed the ways of doing business.


Source for Image: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Narayana_Murthy,_Chairman,_Infosys,_at_the_Horasis_Global_China_Business_Meeting_2006.jpg


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