Nuclear Energy: What should India do?

On one hand where India is all excited about her initiatives taken with regards to the nuclear energy, countries like Germany are willing to drop the energy concept because of what happened in Japan and recently in France.

It is true that the nuclear energy presents an attractive alternate energy option to the coal fired power plants, but it comes with its own costs, as we all saw in case of Japan, where a slight flaw in the design of the plant, coupled with the adamant nature, resulted in causing havoc.

The question for India is whether she is all prepared to abide by the security regulations and is ready to endorse the precautionary approach. In India, where we see a number of businesses vying for the option of profit making at the cost of the others, it is not difficult to imagine as to what would happen in case a few corrupt men were ready to make profits in lieu of overlooking the rigid standards that need to be followed in case of nuclear plants.

Does it mean that India should not proceed with the energy option?

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