Time for UPA Government to Make Way?

It is not a mystery that since the UPA government has taken oath, inflation has been on the rise. It is not only with this Congress government, if we have a look at the history, this has been the case with each one of them. Can we infer something from this trend?

Well, as we try to decipher the code, the “aam aadmi” for whom the UPA government vouches for, has been again hit by the price-rise bug and this time around, it is the petrol prices, which has gone up by nearly Rs. 3.

This coupled with RBI’s decision to increase the rates to keep a check on the rising inflation would mean that the home and vehicle loans will become costlier, in turn burdening the common man even more.

I wonder how on earth, the UPA government will be able to contain this inflation and would want to give up on their flawed policies. If not is it time for UPA government to make way for a better and proficient government?

Source for Image: http://www.gev.com/2011/07/oil-prices-rise-up-again/


2 thoughts on “Time for UPA Government to Make Way?

  1. Kush, to be honest, you hit the nail on the head. I have been contemplating this thought for the past two days myself. UPA govt makes tall talks of controlling inflation and blah blah…. With petrol prices being hiked by almost 50% during the past one year, inflation has only been fueled. Average inflation stands at nearly 10% today with food inflation well above that. Great the UPA can pat it’s back by claiming that the inflation is due to FII and FDI… But what will happen to the aam aadmi? I was buying vegetables at the market today and the cheapest I could find was potatoes (thank god…. at least the poor have something to survive on)… And what can poor RBI do? Increase interest rates… the latest instant being the 12th time in the past ONE YEAR… And my question is why is the interest rise so generic? Can RBI not make it specific to people who are buying their 3rd house (maybe as an investment). There are lower echelons of the middle class struggling to buy their first home…. Same I guess applies to car loans… I am not a socialist, but we must control this situation before it turns into a Frankestein…

  2. Absolutely right Saurav, and I like the idea of a differential interest rate depending upon the wealth of the loan seeker and the purpose therein. This would ensure that the rich end up compensating for the burden that is being imposed on the have-nots of our society, and in turn would help India to become a more equitable society.

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