Materialism vis-a-vis Sustainability

Today, in the morning, I happened to have a discussion on a topic that I had never talked about earlier as I saw no reason in discussing the same, with one of my friends, and fortunately or unfortunately an animal cum environmental activist at the same time.

The first thing that hit me was the devotion that she had towards animals’ cause and dogs in particular and I was reminded of none other than Maneka Gandhi. I could well visualize the making of another MG.

I was perplexed as to why one would be so interested in animals and environment when there was so much to do for the old and the young ones in our country, and who could clear my doubt but the junior MG: “because you gotta realize that animals cannot vouch for themselves as well as the humans and it is we humans who are responsible for their plight by intruding into their privacy and converting their territory into an urban jungle…..”

She went on and on with her reasoning and it was only after 10 minutes that she took a deep breath. After hearing all what she had to say, I was forced to wonder as to whether human activities and what we all would love to call development is in ways harming our environment and indeed disturbing the ecological balance that has sustained all our lives from times immemorial.

At the end of the whole conversation, the only question that I had in my mind was: “By following a highly materialistic and selfish lifestyle, aren’t we doing injustice to our children and the generations to follow? If yes, do we have the courage to give away our luxurious lifestyle and adopt simplicity in life?”

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2 thoughts on “Materialism vis-a-vis Sustainability

  1. sustainability appeals to all. theoretically it seems easy. to execute simple things like refrain from plastic bags, re-use of plastics, Avoid AC, car pooling …. is the most difficult task. what seems to be basic minimum to someone may be a luxury for others… who will decide whether i should use a car, ball pen, AC etc or not….

  2. That’s so true….small things in life which we all can do can make a big difference……i think more than someone telling us as to what to do or what not to do……people who are educated enough can decide based on whether their activities would bring good fortune for the generations to follow…….having said that it is quite difficult for people who have got accustomed to living in a certain way to alter their way of living…….one thing though which we all can do is not to waste things e.g. switching off lights when not in room, closing the tap and let water not be wasted etc….

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