It’s All About Loving Your Parents

Today was by far one of the best mornings that I have had for sometime now. What made it special was a smile on my parent’s faces when I went to receive them at the railway station today.

They had just come back after visiting my brother in US. And guess what they had an amazing time there because of the places they visited and more so because my brother had bestowed them with the news of their lives, yes! they have become grandparents :). Well! on second thoughts you can all wish me for having become an uncle myself :).

I guess as a son, I feel very happy and gratified that God has given my brother and me an opportunity where we can make our parents happy or at least try to make them happy. This reminds me of the famous tag line that Karan Johar has used: “Its all about loving your parents“.

All guys out there who have turned selfish and individualistic, and have forgotten what all their parents had gone through to raise them, I would like to make a sincere request to all of them. Guys, trust me, this is the most amazing feeling that you can ever get in your life seeing your parents happy and getting things they always deserved in life and were not able to get just because they wanted to raise you guys in a manner which suited you the most.

So, don’t mock them by forgetting all that they have done for you and pay homage and respect to their sacrifices and efforts that they had taken in bringing you up.

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2 thoughts on “It’s All About Loving Your Parents

  1. very true Kanika, daughter in laws play an essential role when it comes to holding a family together…..and i really appreciate and admire all those girls who are able to do so….and really hats off to them…..and in this case you are right without my bhabi it wasn’t possible for me to become an uncle….and loads and loads of thanks to her 🙂

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