When Down and Out Take a Break

The post heading might resemble the tagline of a famous advertisement, “Take a Break Take a KitKat“, but coming to the point, we all face situations in our lives where we feel really exhausted and that’s the time to take a breather.

In this competitive world, where each one of us is keen on pursuing materialistic accomplishments to the extent of draining ourselves out, we hardly find time to calm down and relax and think how beautiful our lives can be if we just become adept at balancing our professional and personal lives. When feeling really down, one should skip things that he/she had been doing and instead pursue things that interest him/her.

Today, I got up in the morning and jotted down few things that I would certainly want to do before I extinguish from this planet earth like a phoenix. That’s my way of defining pleasure and happiness. What’s yours?

Source for Image: http://www.theminimalists.com/scientific/


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