End of an Era: A Tribute to the Man

Stanford or no Stanford, it didn’t make much difference to the man. A persona hard to ignore, a personality you woudl die to listen to, a character much child-like and a zeal to be a winner, the man was here to live life on his own terms.

The destiny had very much scripted the story for him, but trust me, it was not an easy one. He too had to face situations where any other person would have succumbed in big time. But there he was, ready to fight his way out of every ambiguous and difficult situation.

He certainly contributed in a big way to what society is at present. He certainly changed the way the business was being done. He certainly changed the way entertainment was being defined.

All in all, a person whom one would want to look upto. A true inspiration indeed. The only thing that I can say is: Three Cheers to the Life that he lived.

Source for Image: http://popdose.com/steve-jobs-the-winningest-loser/


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