First of all I would like to apologize to all those who like my articles for not having written one for quite sometime now. But I am back and can i say with a bang ;).

Today, I think it was all in the air. All the irritants of life seemed to have hit me. After getting drunk with my friend last night, I got up in the morning with a severe back pain. There was no light in my house, thanks to the state of electricity in our country and the water supply seemed to have been badly hit due to maintenance work (I sometimes wonder why maintenance work in India needs to be done at 8’o clock in the morning).

Since, I was drunk, I slept without calling my gf yesterday. As a consequence, I had to listen to all the music that she had to offer to me on a lovely Sunday morning.Guess what! I decided to do my favorite activity. There is something that gives me immense pleasure when i jot down my thoughts on this blog and indeed it gives me a positive frame of mind when I end up writing. And now I can’t help but remember the famous lines from the movie ZNMD:

Chahat ke do pal bhi mil paaye…..duniya mein ye bhi kam hai kya”

As I have always said: say “Three Cheers to Life” 🙂

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