Yesterday was Awesome

For those who might have read my yesterday’s post, the morning started with a bad taste. But I am not complaining for the night just made my day. After a long time, I went to an office-cum-disc, well in all senses of the word, it was an office of one of my friends which we manage to transform into a disc cum pub, courtesy my dear friend. Thereafter, what followed couldn’t be better described by any other word than “Awesome”.

This made me wonder as to how couple of hours can change the whole perception of life. I was all down out and frustrated in the morning, and in the night I seemed to have got the kick of my life. I might be exaggerating it a little bit, might be because it was after a long time that I got to experience “the fun” , but indeed it can be considered as a “life-changer” as far as yesterday was concerned. This makes me wonder how our perceptions and a positive frame of mindset can help us cope with the ambiguities and stresses of our lives.

Positive thinking goes a long way when it comes to improving our health and enables us to live in a better manner. As I always say and believe:

Live life to the fullest. Kyonki kal ho na ho

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