Are Guys Scared of Getting Married?

Over the past couple of days, I have received a couple of wedding invitations from some of my friends who are really happy to be a part of the institution. There is another lot who wouldn’t even want to dream about the dreaded thing. This makes me wonder whether guys are really scared of getting married and if so then what might be the reason for the same?

The obvious question is how does marriage change lives? Are guys scared of commitment or they are scared because they will have to act more responsibly? Are they scared of being answerable to someone or they are scared because of the perceived loss of freedom and independence?

Well, you all might have heard such reasons given by those who don’t want to get married. But what about girls? Why marriage seems to be the most important thing in their lives, considering that they are the ones who have to leave their houses and make considerable adjustments in an altogether alien environment? What motivates them? What is it that they possess and the guys don’t?

Of course, there is a marked difference in the way a guy and a girl would think about the institution and this might also be a reflection of the social roles imposed by our society on every member.

Yesterday my mom asked me a very simple question: “When do you want to get married? Or do you?”

I kept mum. Do I have an answer or I just want to ignore “the” question? Whatever it might be, “the” question of life would continue to haunt me till I do the dreaded.

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