Novel Reviews: Three Cheers to Life

the picturisation of our IITK days made me nostalgic. your fights with lover boy (i suppose your 68) were delightful and a learning experience. it is only our friends who we can take for granted and still know that they will always be there for us. and the chhota packet (pepsi) was the point in the story that made me laugh my lungs out.

but hey it was very disappointing and saddening when SIMRAN died in the middle of the story. that was when my eyes ran wet. but still carried on reading it. and then when Sam left Susan and came down to bangkok, i felt a little frustrated. however when it was the time for keti and sam launching a cold war, i realised that sam is a real career conscious guy, who is too innocent. and then i could relate why he left behind susan. right decision sam!

in the end as they say, life comes a full circle, it was ishika who rescues him at the end. i hope they get married soon. my best wishes 🙂

good work…Sam 🙂 Keep it up.”          ————– Poojan Rana (IRS Officer)

It was a really good read. And like you had described it – very easy to read in one go. It did feel like a first person account, so obviously autobiographical. (How much is it anyway?) I liked the fact that it was it shows the development of the central character through believable events and anecdotes although sometimes the narrative was too quick to jump to the next incident/episode. Guess there are no clear breaks in life (from the past) and we carry our memories and experiences into the next drama.

Liked the romantic and optimistic side of the central character/author 🙂 And overall it was a coming-of-age story of a young man which is always interesting, amusing and fresh. Well done Kush.”    ———— Vineeta Dwivedi (Manager, BBC)

The story is fast paced and captivating. As Sam embarks upon a journey to find love, peace and riches, the reader is transported along to witness his struggle, surrender and transcendence at the crossroads of life. He looses a lot to discover so much as Deed and Destiny contend to dictate his future. Love is flowing, his troubles never-ending and our Sam ever-evolving.

A warm reminiscence of IIT days for those who know the author and MT 🙂 and a brisk peep into IIT culture for those on the other side.Congratulations on the Good Work! Thanks for sharing Sam with us whose story resonates so much with ours.” ——– Vishwas Singh (Entrepreneur)

simple yet lovable story…keeps the urge alive in d reader to knw as to what happens next…” ——- Aishvarya Srivastava (Engineering Student)

“~ Nicely written .. All the best for the long way ahead .. ! :o)” ——– Prateek Srivastava (Manager, MNC)


I was scared to pick up a book because of my busy schedule. Kush Srivastava’s Three Cheers to Life is an amazingly easy read. Surprisingly i could read it in less than 2 hours and now can recommend it to anyone who is not an avid reader.

The story relates very well to all of us who are trying to balance love and personal life amidst fast paced global career. An extremely emotional presentation interspersed with bizarre cross-cultural trivia left me always wanting for more. However, at times i felt main character presented as a blackbox and wished I could know his thought process and emotions at such delicate moments.

Also although the narrative was engaging with interesting anecdotes, the author could have put more effort in developing the overall plot. Overall I can say it is an ideal reading for teenagers and for recent graduates as well.” ——– Ashwin Jain (Entrepreneur)


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