Decision Making in Life

This morning I had to make a decision between consuming cornflakes or Quaker Oats for breakfast. Not a big deal, when it comes to affecting our lives in a big way, but life is much more complicated than the above, every decision in life has many more consequences than a simple choice amongst the two food items.

At every stage of life one encounters a situation with many possibilities or solutions. Every time one opts for one in preference to the other, one has to go through the agony and stress arising from rejecting the other. Just the way it is, and one needs to believe that he/she has made the right decision for himself/herself.

But is it as easy as it sounds. Not really! I realized this while having a conversation with one of my friends who is not able to move on in life. She has been in love with a guy for the past couple of years, but the guyhas not given her any concrete answers on whether he would want the relationship to move to the next level. With her parents contemplating her marriage, she is in a jinx, and doesn’t know whether to get over the guy or to move on. Her heart is all in favor of waiting for the guy, but what about the brain. You guessed it right, the brain is all for moving on, after all how long can she wait for the guy to respond.

Now that is stress for her. What should she do? The “practical” guys and girls out there would want her to move on, and the emotional lot would certianly want her to, may be, wait for a couple of months more.

At the end of the day, its all about being happy. The best way to avoid the stress is to not think about what could have been, rather relish what is and what is about to follow because of what is right now, thanks to your decision.

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