Crimes Against Women

Its funny how messages come pouring in as soon as a girl logs on to gtalk or for that matter any other social networking sites. This was experienced first hand by me as I sat next to one of my dear friends deo. The moment she logged on, her desktop was filled with messages from approx. 30 guys who would go to any extent to woo this girl.

Is it because there are more guys in our country than girls, or is it because guys have become too desperate and aggressive. May be that could be one of the reasons why crimes like eve-teasing and sexual assault are increasing in our country. For sure, this doesnt augur well for our society and needs to be checked.

How and what can be done needs to deliberated over. But one thing that the government can start right now is to give exemplary punishement to those involved in such crimes. At the same time, citizens can play a vital role. It is nearly impossible for police to watch every nook and corner in our country. Thus, social-policing, in which the people themselves can play a part by informing the police the moment they witness any crime, needs to be adopted and practiced.

On the part of women, they can try to learn Martial Arts which will not only help them protect themselves and others but would instill confidence. This can well be introduced at the school level.

The need of the hour is to stand up against such crimes and need to become proactive in order to ensure that such crimes get eliminated from our society.

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