Deliberation: What to do?

It’s amazing how thinking can change in just a span of 24 hours. How one can be affected by the gritty nature of our daily lives. How one can be caught up in a perplexing environment trying to find his/her way out.

Yesterday, I was talking about maintaining a positive frame of mind. And today is one of those days where a decision made can change the entire way I want to lead my life. Today is a big day in my life. A “Yes” would open a whole new set of opportunities for me and a “No” would leave with what I am today and might close the doors forever as far as these opportunities are concerned. The obvious question on mind right now is what should I be doing?

The logical thing to do is to deliberate over the pros and cons of the decision. That is exactly what I did and guess what! The pros and cons nullified each other and now I am back to sqaure one: What should I be doing?

I am sure there might be many instances in one’s life when one has to go through such perplexing questions with no real obvious answers. Then, how should one deal with it? What is the way out of such situations? Should one leave the situation unattended? Should one ignore the situation altogether? Or should one make a decision and chose a path which he/she finds the most satisfying and rewarding without really worrying about the other side of the coin? Is this decision making in any way related to the personality of a person-whether he/she is risk-taking/risk-averse?

All the above are extremely difficult to answer and different things can work for different people depending on their personality types and their frame of mind in handling different situations. So is their a universal solution to a problem and does that solution work for every person encountering a similar situation?

In my opinion, there is nothing like a universal solution. What works for one might not work for the other. Everyone has to figure out what they want from life and in the end where they would want to see themselves, say 10-15 years down the line.

Sometimes I wonder how simple life would be if one knew what one wants to be in the future, of course sometimes what one wants to be is not always possible because of other extraneous factors.

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