The Institution: Marriage

The burning question in most of my friends’ life who have managed to stay single till date is when would they like to get married. The family seems to be after them all the time and the aunties in their society seems to be questioning their integrity as a man 😉 .

Some of my friends are scared of getting into this institution by an arranged mechanism as they fear the discovery of an individual after marriage. But whether it is love or arranged or love-cum-arranged, or whatever, the foundation of any relationship is trust and understanding which results in a feeling of compromise and sacrifice for the other person.

For guys, it’s relatively easier compared to girls, who need to leave their homes and have to adopt in a completely new environment with new people around with different kind of expectations altogether. The routine seems to change or for that matter, life seems constrained by the various traditions of the house to which the girl happens to go.

It is very important that the family members help the girl to get acquainted with her environment and people around her and make her comfortable so that she starts to feel at home from where she can be on her own and from where she can start to manage her relationships and activities on her own.

I feel that what girls can do for a family, a guy can never do, be it the way the girls take care, be it the way the girls spread love and affection, be it the way they manage both home and work.

I suppose someone up there is very intelligent for what he gave girls he didn’t give guys and vice-versa, so that they could come together and form this wonderful unison, which in our society has been given the name of marriage.

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