Reaction: Anger Management

To every action there is equal and opposite reaction. This was said long time back by a man by the name of Newton who changed the way people viewed the natural phenomenon occuring in their environment.

In societal situations, the very first thing a human does is to react without giving a thought about the consequences of such a reaction. We are at all times faced with situations where we need to act and react. How a person acts/reacts in turn gives rise to a positive or a negative environment around themselves and the way people behave towards them is also determined by the way one behaves or talks to the person in question.

One of the reactions to a situation is anger. Anger, I believe, is the worst of all emotions that a person can display. And this form of expression results in only one thing, negativity and more tension. It not only spoils the whole scenario and creats a bad impression, it also harms an individual physiologically, by raising the temperature of blood which takes several days before it comes back to its normal temperature.

The obvious question is: are we bound to get angry and if yes are there ways which might help us in managing our anger so that it results in positive consequences? I believe that anger is a very natural kind of an emotion, yes the degree might vary from individual to individual depending on how they might view the situation and depending on how tolerant one can become.

As someone has well advised: “Think before you speak“, can be well translated to “Think before you Act/React“. One should always think twice as to what can be the consequences of his/her actions/reactions before reacting. Different people have tried different things. Some people have tried counting from 1 to 10 before speaking out their mind straight way which might actually turn out to be a good strategy.

No matter what the strategy one uses, at the end of the day, it is about giving the situation a benefit of doubt and becoming more tolerant and in turn more disciplined towards controlling one’s anger and emotions.

As Bessie Head has well remarked: Discipline is nothing but an attitude of love and reverence to people. After all, the least we can do is to show love and respect towards people.

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