Picture Abhi Baaki hai Mere Dost

Guess what, yet again, Deo inspired me to write this article. Somehow I have realized that a lot of articles that I have written in the past have evolved as a result of my conversations with friends and family. It is amazing how people around us can inspire us in different ways and might motivate us to do things we would have never done.

How often in our lives we think that how could have this happened to us. We don’t seem to know what future has in store for us and are totally unaware of the cataclysmic incidents which might have already decided to hit us. And when it actually happens either we are pleasantly surprised and thrilled or we enter in a state of depression and shock.

We of course cannot control the uncontrollable but what we can do is to always keep a positive frame of mind, for what is bad is bound to change to good and for what is good will not remain with us forever. Life is indeed a circle and an emulsion of good and bad things. We have no choice but to take both the aspects in the same stride.

So, when down and out one should always remember that the brighter side of the story is yet to come. And when happy, have fun and enjoy the fortunes at the same time plan a bit for the future.That seems an optimal strategy. Right ;)!

Source for Image: http://www.softpedia.com/progScreenshots/Mood-MSN-Display-Pictures-Screenshot-18417.html



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