The 5’o clock Person

What does one do when one is not able to sleep even after lying down for a couple of hours and ultimately decides to leave the cosy comfort of the bed at 5’o clock in the morning? It is not that the person doesn’t have any option.

He/she can decide to switch on the idiot box and watch some shows. One can listen to the FM which starts to influence our lives pretty early in the morning and all night round. One can go out for a morning walk and experience nature. One can decide on giving his/her mom a nice surprise by preparing a nice breakfast for her or even help her by doing some cleansing household tasks.

You see, a 5’o clock person need not get bored as he/she can do loads to cheer oneself and other important persons in his/her life. So, those who are affected by the sleep syndrome by the name of Insomnia, instead of brooding over the fact that one cannot sleep why not change all the rules of the game and turn a disability or a liability into an asset.

After all you are being given one more chance, one more second, one more minute to spread happiness around yourself. As I have always said and as I would always want to believe its about living life to the fullest and it really doesn’t matter whether I am being bombarded by adversities or am been showered with blessings and fortunes.

So, go out, live life, make people happy as “jeena isi ka naam hai“.

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