New Family! New Life!

I would like to dedicate this article to the ladies in my house and all the women who leave their homes and go to a totally new family and a new environment after their D-Day. The thing that made me write this article was yesterday’s episode from a TV serial by the name of Ek Hazaron Mein Meri Behna Hai which I happened to see while sitting with my mom.

It is amazing how a girl tries to adjust to a new family and how her life changes completely. She needs to accept all the members of the new family, gel up with them and make sure that she can make them happy. It of course takes time for the newly wed to come to terms with the whole new situation.

She remembers every moment she had spent in her maternal home. She remembers every incident that she might have spent with her siblings. She remembers every fun moments that she shared with her friends in school and college.

In fact the very act of getting married, which might just look a ritual and a formality, means much more to a girl. She seems to remember each and every word the pundit uttered while she was getting married. She seems to inscribe the experience of taking each phera in her memory and she seems to remember every thing that happened during the ceremony all her life. Indeed, it is a life changing experience.

The only thing that I can comment, as a man, on the phenomenon of a girl adjusting to her new environment is: “Hats off to all the Ladies in the World”.


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