The Foundation

Suddenly I have realized that my love for the women folk has been increasing since the time I began writing about them and in fact it has become one of my favourite topics to write on. Continuing with my love with destiny, this article is dedicated to all the mothers on this planet Earth, who are not given enough credit for what they do for a family.

Mothers are in all senses of the word the true foundation of a household. From getting up in the morning and preparing breakfast to all the household work, it is difficult to imagine a well functioning household without her presence.

I feel hers is the most difficult and challenging job that one can ever perform. It requires a lot of patience, incredible managerial skills and above all a feeling of dedication and love for all the members of a family.

She needs to deal with the whims of mother-in-law, she needs to handle her kids well apart from of course managing the chores, and this she does only because of the man in her life, the man whom she loves the most and would go to any extent to do things for him, yes her husband.

As a daughter-in-law, as a wife, as a mother, she is supposed to be doing all the above. It is taken for granted that she would do her job with all dedication and commitment. Can you imagine doing the same thing day-in-day-out without much recognition and praise? I am sure it is hell of a job, yet the women are upto it. They do all this without any regrets. Truly, they devote themselves to their family.

And the least we, as men, can do is to love and respect them for all that they do and sacrifice for us.


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