The Dilemma: Girl’s Perspective

Yesterday, I talked about the youngster’s dilemma on making a choice between family and career and mostly focused on discussing it from a guy’s perspective. There is another side to this story and that is the girl’s perspective which is very different from a guy’s perspective atleast in our society.

A girl, no matter how family-oriented she is needs to switch from one family to another leaving her own parents behind. She is expected to devote herself totally to the new family of which she becomes a part of after her marriage. At times, she has no choice but to curtail her ambitions and even if she is allowed to pursue her career, she is expected to donate every penny of her salary in fulfilling the needs of the new family. She is expected to not even think about the financials of her own parents.

But isn’t this an injustice to both the girl and her parents? Her parents must have gone through the same things in upbringing their daughter as a guy’s parents would have. They would have loved and pampered her in the same manner as a guy’s parents would have. Then shouldn’t the girl have the same responsibility towards her parents as a guy has towards his?

Have you ever wondered why such a discrimination exists where a girl is expected to forget about her own parents’ financials? Why questions are raised when a girl tries to help her ailing parents during their old age? Why the society has become so unequal and insensitive to the issue? Why we as guys can’t subdue our egos to respect the girl’s parents in the same manner as the girl is expected to love and respect our parents? Aren’t we being biased if we are not being understanding and supportive of our better half?

Indeed the guys in our society have either become too selfish or have stopped thinking about others, in this case their better half and her parents. In this situation what do you think a girl should do? Should she continue to listen to the illogical and unemotional reasons given by her new family and society or should she stand up against all odds to do what she considers right?

Easier said than done, most of the girls succumb to their so called destinies and bow down in front of the whims of her new family. But there are some who do rise up to the occasion and vouch for what’s right.

Moreover, in the present scenario, there are innumerous examples of girls who have been successful in managing both the sides of the famile really well. So, there is no reason why one should be bend upon making a choice between the two. Of course she would require the support of her husband and the man she trusts the most.

The question though is are we, as guys, ready to help our better halves and encourage them to do what is right?


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