3 Rings of Life ;)

Its amazing how a simple conversation can give rise to so many different ideas in life. And one such conversation amongst the many that I have with my girlfreind gave me this thought about the rings of life that most of us have either gone through or would be going through in the future. It all starts with an Engagement and the very first thing that one might

associate with an engagement is an Engagement Ring. This, I call the first societal manifestation of a germination of the idea of a guy and a girl coming together. This is the stage where a guy and a girl get official permission of going around without any fear from both the families.

Next ring of life is the Marriage Ring where the relationship is signed and a pact is made between the two for lifetime. Both the families bless their children for the life ahead. But little do they know about the third and the most important ring of life and that is the SufferRing ;).


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