My Fiance’s Friends

Have you ever thought why is it that one is not able to accept one’s partners’ friends as their own? Leave alone accepting them as friends, why one isn’t able to tolerate them sometimes, especially when it comes to guy accepting the girl’s male friends and the girl accepting the guy’s female friends?

Is this because of the jealousy or is it because of the insecurity that in turn arises as a result of the jealousy and lack of trust? I believe that trust is the foundation of any relationship. If it can be shaken with the slightest of misunderstandings arising out of petty incidents then the relationship is bound to be broken, if not now, then certainly sometime in the future.

So, how should one react to the proximity of his/her partner with other people, in particular to each other’s friends? Should one try to gel up with them in the same manner as the partner gels up or should one not bother at all?

Somehow, it is very difficult to become friends with people who don’t seem to share the same wavelength. Of course, it depends on the characteristics of an individual because I have seen many people who are able to get along in any kind of situation whatsoever.

But not everyone is the same and in general people, who are given complete rights of chosing their own friends, would not want to be caught up in a situation where they would be forced to accepting people as friends whom they would not otherwise.

Should one consider it similar to any other compromise and adjustment that one makes while trying to adjust to one another? Is it so difficult that one is not able to do it even after knowing that his/her partner would be really happy if one does so?

In most cases, at least in our society, the guy ends up breaking friendship with his female friends and the girl needs to move away from her male friends. Some say, its not a big cost they forgo for bringing happiness in their relationship.

The question though is that isn’t there any other way in which this can be resolved?


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