Be Spontaneous

Take it in writing from me, if you wanna maintain the enthusiasm and excitement in your life, you need to, at least sometimes, behave spontaneously without too much worrying about planning.

I have seen plans go awry and all sorts of things happening which ultimately results in the cancellation of the plan for one reason or the other. Sometimes it helps not to think and plan too much in advance. It just takes out the spice and fun that is an integral part of any spontaneous unplanned trip.

As I am writing this article at 12’o clock at night, I am on a trip that is totally unplanned and am having the time of my life. Whatever I wish to do, I just don’t even think twice before starting the same. How wonderful I feel cannot be expressed in a few words, but the experience is certainly enthralling. You need to do it to experience and get the feel.

So be spontaneous and spread spontaneity around ;).


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