Chandni Chowk: Hate it, Love it, You can’t Ignore it

You might have all the wrong conceptions about the place, you might have heard all bad things about the area, but believe me, its a totally new World out there and you can’t just miss upon this part of the World.

Some people call it tacky, some people might label the place as too crowded, but how can you ignore the Kareem’s and the Parantha Waali Gali. And when someone tops it with a lassi, you feel its all worth it.

A perfect blend of different cultures living and thriving together, it is the perfect antidote to those who believe that Hindus and Muslims can’t share the same space. Sharing the same space might not be an appropriate word to describe the scenario, it is much more than that.

All in all an experience that I would want to hold on to it for all my life. And guess what I would love to visit it again sometime, surely sometime. 🙂


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