Last Day in the City

As I am about to leave the city, I don’t know why but I feel like staying here for a couple of more days. I have never felt this way throughout my life. I wonder why it is happening to me this time around. Is it because I have got addicted to the place or is it just the kind of frame of mind I am in.

What ever  be the reason one thing is for sure, I don’t really want to leave so soon. What is it that is keeping my thoughts away from the warmth and comfort of my home in Lucknow? What is it that is holding me and telling me to stay in Delhi for some more time?

At the end of it all, it comes down to 12 hours that I have in which I need to decide whether I would be staying for some more time in the capital or not. Well, someone just reminded me of my own article on spontaneity, that I wrote day before yesterday.

The question is: What will I do, when I get up tomorrow morning? Will I give spontaneity a chance to govern my life for a couple of days?


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